1. we need proof of purchase to legally sell your dress. this is a document that includes your name, date of purchase, the name of the style of dress/designer, the size ordered, the price you paid for the dress. do you have proof of purchase?
      • yes! great, in our form we ask for you to submit a photo of your receipt/invoice. go ahead and make sure you have that ready! if you are a past bride of a&bé or anna bé, we will look up your invoice for you.
      • if you do not have a receipt: reach out to the original the place you purchased your dress from and ask for a copy of your invoice. if a family member purchased the dress for you, reach out to see if they have a copy of the invoice. we will reach out to you after the submission form to explain the relationship.
      2. has your dress been cleaned?
        • if yes, great! move on to Step 3. 
        • if no, we recommend that you use our pre-approval form to discover if it’s worth cleaning your dress to sell with us. the form will allow us to get a sneak peek of your dress that way we can decide if we would approve listing the dress if the dress was cleaned and then we will send you a ballpark price range to make sure it’s worth going through the process of getting the dress cleaned. we work with the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. that will clean your dress with a turn around of 2 weeks for $179 if you choose to go this route, alternatively, you could use a local dry-cleaning company.
        • the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. cleaning package we offer here
        3. we ask that if you had your dress altered from the original size you ordered to provide us with measurements of the dress and include all alterations that were done. do you have an itemized receipt of your alterations and have your measurements from when your dress was altered?
          • if yes, we have a spot on our form where you can add an itemized receipt from your alterations apts. you can include an image in the form, there is also an area for you to tell us your measurements from alterations.
          • if yes but you do not have a receipt. no worries, we have an area where you can write in all the alterations that were done and an area to include the measurements.
          • if you don’t know what your measurements were when you had your alterations done we will walk through the process of providing measurements here. It might be the case that you did not alter the dress in the bust, waist and hip or at all and if that is the case we will provide the designers measurements. All consigners do need to provide a waist to hem measurement. These dress measurements are important so that we can accurately sell your dress to future brides.

          4. what images should I be providing?

          we will need images of your dress’s current condition. so you are best prepared when completing the submission form, here is a list of the requested images. Please note, that not all of these images are required but the better the imagery is the better your listing will look.

          1. hanging photo // front full length
          2. hanging photo // back full length
          3. close-up // front top half
          4. close-up // back top half
          5. close-up // hem 
          6. close-up // bustle (if no bustle include train) 
          7. close-up // detail (OPTIONAL)
          8. imperfections imagery // this includes all images of damage on the dress
          • images of the gown on the body (either in your wedding photos or in a mirror selfie or when you were buying the gown in the shop originally) 
          • images of the gown in it's current condition. If you wore the gown to your wedding and then got it cleaned, we'd like to have images of the gown post cleaning. These images help us make sure the gown is in the condition stated in the submission form and if they are good images will also help the gown stand out on the website. Here is an example of good images

           Also, how can I help make sure my dress sells fast? 

          • The best thing you can do is provide all of the requested info in the submission form, including all the images requested in the form. 
          • Make sure to provide the current dress measurements (this is how we communicate to the interested buyer the actual size of the gown after alterations so we will NOT list your gown without the actual measurements of the gown).
          • Equally as important are the images you provide - please provide very clear, appealing photos of the dress. Here is an example of some really good photos of the dress on a body in a mirror selfie as well as hanging dress photos. 
          • Also, choosing the lower/approachable price from the price range offer will help your dress move faster. (for example; price ranger offer $1,500 - $1,750, chosen price $1,550)