When considering purchasing a pre-worn gown it is important to understand that the dress has been altered by the bride who previously wore it. To get the most accurate sizing, please refer to the After Alterations Measurements that the bride and a&bé has provided on the dress listing. These measurements are estimations and we recommend that your body measurements comfortably either match the listed After Alterations Measurements or be a tad smaller.

In the case of an A-line dress or ballgown, it’s okay for your hip measurement to not line up exactly with what the size chart indicates. Whether you are a bit over, or under the indicated hip measurement, these styles are loose in the hips, so they will provide you with more flexibility when it comes to sizing. Please reach out if you have any questions about sizing.

Another important measurement is your waist to hem measurement matching up (or being less than so you can alter) to the stated bride height + heels measurement on the listing to make sure the dress will be long enough for you with your desired heel height. Follow the instructions on the video below to take your measurements and compare them to the after alterations measurements to see if this dress is your dress!





how much can I alter down a dress? Or alter up a dress?:

typically, gowns can be altered down 2 sizes before losing the integrity of the design. If the gown is more than 3" too big, then alterations are going to start to get very expensive as the tailor will have to take apart the entire dress. The bodice, especially bust and neckline, is where you really want to pay attention. The bulk of the alterations will happen through the side seams. If the bust or neckline is too wide, this is more difficult to alter. Some of this can be adjusted through the princess seams. If there are no princess seams, the tailor may have to add seams or darts to get the bust to fit properly. This will be more difficult and can change the look of the gown, especially if the tailor has to adjust additional lace appliques.

Most gowns cannot be sized up. Gowns are typically made with very little seam allowance, so there is not much to let out. And some fabrics, especially satins, will scar, showing where the old seams used to be. The exception would be crepe gowns. Crepe is a more forgiving fabric when it comes to scarring. Some designers, like Made With Love and Alyssa Kristin, leave a little extra seam allowance to give their fitted gowns a little wiggle room (1" at most).


will the dress I order fit me perfectly?

not quite! all brides need alterations to make the dress fit perfectly for them. no body is the same, we’re all unique. we recommend that you schedule a consultation with a local seamstress for when the dress will be in your possession to get their opinion on what alterations will need to be done to the gown.

what if the dress does not meet my expectations?

through our authentication process of pre-worn and new wedding dresses your dress is screened to make sure that the original seller was transparent about the condition and provided listing information before being shipped to you. when you purchase your dress, the dress is sent to our headquarters to be authenticated. in the case that the dress does not meet our high standards or does not match the listing information provided to us by the seller, we will keep you in the loop and come up with a plan or we are happy to refund you. we hope this process ensures meeting your expectations.

what if i want to return the dress?

in that case, we’ve got your back. we accept returns for a full refund minus the cost of shipping for all merchandise that is returned in the exact same condition as received and shipped back to us by the fourth day after receiving the gown. simply pack the gown back up in the provided bag and box and put the return label on. you can drop off the package at any UPS business or schedule a pick-up at your front door. we make it easy! you’re welcome.