seller FAQ

Below are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about selling a dress. If you have any additional questions please leave us a message here.


Q: if I consign my dress through, what services do you provide to the seller?


  • we manage your listing and communication with potential buyers.
  • we market your listing through social media, email, and digital marketing avenues.
  • we have a team of online stylists who help answer questions for potential buyers and help them find the perfect dress - we'll hype up your dress for you!
  • our expert stylists will consult with you on the price and all other aspects of your listing to give you the best shot at selling your dress quickly.
  • we coordinate shipping between us, you, and the buyer.
  • we will store your dress safely for you at our headquarters to make the sale process for you and the buyer quick and easy.
  • we authenticate the dress and repackage the gown to ensure that the dress makes an impact on arrival.
  • we donate a percentage of OUR portion from every purchase to women-focused charities.



Q: hold up! I want to submit my dress, but how do I know what form is best for me?


let’s break down each form, shall we? read below to see which form best describes your dress. if you're still unsure, reach out to us on our website or by emailing us at, and we'd be happy to guide you through the process!

1. A&BÉ OR ANNA BÉ PAST BRIDES // UN-WORN DRESSES - brides who have purchased through one of our a&bé or anna bé locations that have a brand new, unworn dress.

2. UN-WORN DRESSES - brides who purchased elsewhere that have a brand new, unworn dress.

3. A&BÉ OR ANNA BÉ PAST BRIDES // PRE-WORN DRESSES - brides who purchased through one of our a&bé or anna bé locations that have a pre-worn dress that has been professionally cleaned.

4. PRE-WORN DRESSES - brides who purchased elsewhere that have a pre-worn dress that has been professionally cleaned.

5. PRE-APPROVAL FOR DRESSES THAT HAVEN'T BEEN CLEANED - brides who purchased anywhere and have a pre-worn dress that has not been professionally cleaned. before listing, these dresses will need to be professionally cleaned or receive special approval from an online stylist. you can purchase wedding dress cleaning here.



    Q: what if I don’t have proof of purchase?


    • reach out to the original shop you purchased your dress from and ask for an emailed copy of your invoice. if you are a past bride of one of our stores (a&bé or anna bé), we would be happy to look up your invoice for you!
    • if you can not find your original receipt, we will accept email communication with the place and/or person you purchased your dress from that proves and authenticates your purchase. this form of proof must include sale price, date of purchase, your name or purchaser name, name of seller, and the style name and designer of the dress you are wishing to consign.



    Q: okay, but what if my dress was a gift?


    if someone else other than yourself purchased the dress, we will still need proof of purchase in order to protect our site and our buyers against fraud and theft. in the case that your name is not on the invoice, please include any additional information about your relationship to the purchaser that would be helpful for this authentication process. as always, if you have any questions about this, we're happy to help!



    Q: oops...what if my dress has not been cleaned?


    first, fill out our pre-approval form for dresses that haven't been cleaned to see if your dress qualifies for approval without cleaning before spending the money to get your dress cleaned. once we receive your submission we will respond with approval or denial. if your gown does need cleaning as a condition of approval, you can purchase an affordable cleaning package here



      Q: and what if I don’t have my measurements from when my dress was altered?


      we will walk you through the process of providing measurements here, that way we can include the closest, most accurate size possible for potential buyers.


        Q: what do I do if the form is giving me some trouble??


        • if you are having trouble with one of our forms it’s likely due to the size of images. if that is the case, only provide images for the required files and we will follow up via email so that you can provide additional imagery via email.
        • if you are having trouble because the form has a required question that does not apply to you, or if you have any other questions about the form or submission process, please reach out to for support!



        Q: how long does it take to know if my submission was accepted?


        our team that reviews consignment submissions works Monday - Friday, and we will we do our best to respond to all inquiries within 2-3 business days.



          Q: real talk: what are the associated costs of selling my dress with you?


          once your dress has been approved, and the contract has been signed, the only cost of selling your dress through is the cost of shipping of your gown to our headquarters, and the cost of return shipping if your dress does not sell during the listing period designated in your contract. we take care of the rest!



            Q: not to be a buzz kill, but what if my dress doesn’t sell?


            • if your dress does not sell within the first 120 days, the listed price may be too high for potential buyers, and we will mark down the dress by 25% for the following 30 days with your approval.
            • if you do not want wish to to mark down the dress by 25%, you are welcome to end the listing at the 120 day mark, and end the contract. if the dress is being stored at headquarters, we will take the listing down and ship back the dress at your expense.
            • if the dress has not sold in during the contracted listing period of 150 days, the listing will expire we will ship back the dress at your expense if it is in our possession, at which point you are free to explore other sales opportunities.



            Q: how can I help make sure my dress sells fast?


            • the most important thing you can do to ensure your dress is listed quickly and sells fast, is to provide all of the requested information in the submission form, including all requested imagery and a detailed description of the condition. the more information the seller has, the more likely they are to purchase your dress!
            • listing detailed and accurate measurements is also crucial for selling your dress quickly. when submitting sizing information, be sure to submit all measurements for your dress after any alterations have been made.  here is a how-to video if you need some help determining your dresses measurements.
            • high-quality, clear, and compelling photos are also incredibly important to draw the attention of potential buyers. photos of the dress on your body help to show the fit and style of the dress. here is an example of some really good photos of the dress on a body in a mirror selfie, as well as clear photos of the dress hanging on a hanger to show detail.
            • last but not certainly not least, the price of the gown is a critical determining factor in determining whether or not your dress will sell. before listing, one of our expert stylists will offer a price range that we believe will give your dress the best chance to sell. selecting a price towards the lower end of the range, will make your dress more approachable to potential buyers help your dress move faster. (for example; price ranger offer: $1,500 - $1,750, chosen price: $1,550). our team will help walk you through pricing so that you can get the most for your dress while also giving it the best chance to sell!



            Q: what photos of my dress should I be providing?


            1. images of the gown on the body (either in your wedding photos or in a mirror selfie or when you were buying the gown in the shop originally)
            2. images of the gown in it's current condition. if you wore the gown to your wedding and then got it cleaned, we'd like to have images of the gown post cleaning. if your dress is new and never worn, we would also like these images of the gown to provide proof of it's current condition. this helps us make sure the gown is in the condition stated in the submission form and if you provide quality imagery that will also help the gown stand out on the website. here is an example of good images.

            Q: can I drop off the dress at a local a&bé shop or the anna bé shop instead of shipping it to headquarters?


   functions as a separate company from a&bé and anna bé bridal shops. If you live in the Minneapolis area and your gown has been approved to be listed, you can drop off the gown by appointment with a representative. Once your form has been submitted, your consignment representative will help you coordinate the details of this appointment.



              Q: Can I change the price of the dress if it is not selling?


              The listing with a&bé is for a total of 150 days. If your dress does not sell within 120 days, we will reach out to see if you are interested in discounting the dress by 25% for a remaining 30 days or if you would like to take down the listing. If you keep the dress up for the full 150 days and the dress has not been purchased the listing will be taken down and if the dress is in our possession we will coordinate getting the dress back to you. If you want to discount the dress earlier than 120 days, you are welcome to reach out and make a request.