hello! we are an online closet of new & pre-worn wedding dresses curated for modern brides. we’d love to re-home your wedding dress! we’re making it even easier, more sustainable, and as affordable as possible for future brides looking for a dress in the age of covid-19. there’s a lot of uncertainty right now so if we can do our part to simplify the process for brides whose shopping is delayed - we would love to do so. you can be a part of the solution & put a little extra cash in your pocket in the process. our goal is to consign past brides' dresses & offer a curated collection of pre-owned wedding dresses to future brides so they have the best to choose from without the wait of ordering a dress.




we are always adapting. a&bé was the answer to the wedding industry's creative surge & new energy that could not be met with just one store. we had to find a way to support more designers & more brides. so we did! shop a&bé online is a direct response to covid-19 and an answer to our bride's need for a dress they can get quickly that stays true to their unique style. we love that this supports sustainability and offers accessible pricing for brides now and will continue to do so once covid-19 is a more distant memory.

as we continue to grow, our vision remains: to be a haven in the industry from the same old same old. we personally put so much into our curated collection and know we are bringing you the best of what the industry has to offer modern brides. we run this company of boss babes with heavy doses of transparency and authenticity. we celebrate diversity and welcome all gender identities, expressions, presentations, and backgrounds. we can't wait to connect you to a badass dress.