New and Used Watters Wedding Dresses

Dramatic, stylish, and chic...Watters wedding dresses are some of the most well-known wedding dresses in the bridal industry. Watters wedding dresses are for the timeless yet trendsetting bride who wants to so off her individual style while still maintaining a classic bridal look. These designer wedding dresses are made of some of the highest quality fabrics, are fashion-forward, and are designed to fit and flatter every woman’s figure (including plus-size and curvy brides). Sound like what you’re looking for? 

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Watters wedding dresses are inspired by drama, style, fit, and comfort. If your wedding inspiration is filled with romance and tradition with a touch of trendy and modern vibes, a Watters wedding dress will be the best wedding dress for you because Watters wedding dresses embody traditional, vintage, and romantic fits and shapes, but the details and embellishments give modern, chic, and sexy vibes. You’ll feel beautiful from head to toe. Beyond detail and style, what sets Watters wedding dresses apart from others is the level of craftsmanship. Each detail is handcrafted and hand-sewn, making these wedding dresses nearly one of a kind.  Whether you’re looking for a modern wedding dress, a trendy wedding dress, or a romantic wedding dress, Watters has you covered. 


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