New and Used Truvelle Wedding Dresses

Truvelle wedding dresses are ethereal, light, and minimalist-inspired wedding dresses, creating a look that is both traditional and modern. What makes Truvelle wedding dresses unique is their unique lace and appliques, deep necklines and backs, and their zero-waste approach to design. Brides who love Truvelle wedding dresses are brides who want a stylish yet no-fuss wedding dress that will be comfortable for her wedding day. Sound like what you’re looking for? Shop Truvelle wedding dresses and a variety of other new and used wedding dresses on sale at a&bé bridal shop online bridal shop

Truvelle’s founder and creative director Gaby grew up in her mother’s sewing studio and gained the knowledge and drive to start her own line of wedding dresses. Her dream was to design wedding dresses that are as comfortable as they are beautiful, and that she has done! Truvelle wedding dresses offer brides comfort without having to sacrifice style. Each dress is designed to be unique so that the bride who wears it feels as beautiful on the outside as she is inside. In addition to making a beautiful wedding dress, these wedding dresses are created sustainably. Gaby and her team have consistently embodied their girl-powered dream of gowns with mindful design and the goal of zero waste during production. If you’re looking for a beautiful, comfortable wedding dress that is sustainably made, you’ve found it! We can’t wait to see you in Truvelle! View Truvelle wedding dresses and buy your wedding dress online today!