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Whether you’re a bride who’s bought a used wedding dress and wondering how to clean a wedding dress before you wear it on your big day, a bride wanting to clean your wedding dress before you sell it, or you're a bride who is deciding how to turn your wedding dress into a memory you can keep forever, our wedding dress cleaning and preservation kit is the best way to clean your wedding dress.

How do you clean a wedding dress, you ask? Easy. Our wedding dress cleaning and preservation service are packaged as a kit from Wedding Preservation Company that you order online from a&bé bridal shop's online bridal shop and have shipped to your home. Once you receive the kit, you’ll fill out a few small details about your dress and then ship your dress back to the Wedding Preservation Company, and they take care of all the “dirty work” for you! Once your wedding dress is returned to you, your dress will be ready to wear again or store forever to keep as a keepsake from your wedding day. This kit’s service includes cleaning, pressing/steaming of your wedding gown, shipping both ways, and a 2 week in-house rush by Wedding Preservation Company.

Make wedding dress cleaning and preservation easy with our wedding dress and preservation kit. Order it online today!